Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Sweet Journey

I have been busy going through a sweet friends scrapbook collection.  While I know in my head that Becky is with Jesus and at total peace, my heart misses her and still aches.  The amount of "goodies" that she had was "a bunch" to say the least! I was afraid of being thought of as a hoarder for anyone that saw my house during this time! The process was tougher than I thought.  To go through someone elses things - it is hard.  The things had her smell, and made me miss her even more.  The thought when I saw something and wondered, "how did she do that?" realizing I will not get the answer from her. I cannot thank my boys enough, Greg and Treg helped me haul and held me as I cried, each time I left Becky's house. Greg cracked me up on one trip - he said, "when I get to heaven and see Becky I am gonna ask her just what in the world she thought she was gonna make with all this paper!" I shared this with Amber and it made her giggle. 
 Many tears, many prayers, and many good memories, a slow healing was taking place.  I know God had me in the palm of His hand and was giving me strength. I made the decision to share the things I didn't need with others.  I contacted all of Becky's customers, a newsletter at her church, and told some ladies that I knew loved to scrap, we set a date, and decided we would have a party of remembering Becky and just blessing others with her things.
On Thursday night we set up (thank you Ann H., Gaylene, and Shannon for your help) and then on Friday night we opened it up.  Bittersweet. Most of the night went well, it is hard to see different peoples reactions to a situation like this. - I had a friend about halfway through that brought me a copy of a picture that Becky had in a book - she told me it was very fitting, and she felt God wanted me to have it.  Now you have to realize that this was in a notebook with hundreds of other pictures, and Tammi found just this picture.  The picture was of a poem typed out. I will copy it exactly and I hope that you see, as I did, that it was if Becky was speaking this straight to all of our hearts. 
Weep not for me my loved ones, dear ones that I adore, for I have taken earthly leave, to a far off distant shore.  I've taken nothing with me, though onward I proceed, where all my wants of love are met, there's naught that I could need.
My path on earth was rugged, my walk of life unsure; but you were there with cheerful hearts to help me to endure. Your strength and love surrounded me, to help me through my life, your steady hands held tightly, as I walked through bitter strife.
Rejoice in my sweet passing, and let your hearts find ease, for I have found a wondrous land, of beauty and of peace. Remember that I love you, for that is meant to be; ah this sweet and lasting love that fills eternity.
So now my days are ended, at a seeming hurried pace, and yes I've fought that goodly fight; I've ran that timely race. Dry those tears of sorrow, fill not your hearts with pain; for I have found my lasting peace, on a far off distant plain.
I'll always be there with you, locked within your hearts, to give you peace and comfort; though we are worlds apart. I now have my happiness, and sweet serenity; so comfort one another, but do not weep for me. 
Is this not the most beautiful thing?  I loved how at the beginning it said, "I've taken nothing with me" Yes all of the stamp sets, and paper and little gadgets are a wonderful blessing and I just want all to use them and bless others with them, but in all things to remember that they are just that - things.  Just a good healthy reminder of our time on earth is just a vapor.  Make a sweet impression to others.
On Friday night I had a few blessings, to see a young married girl that money is tight and she was so excited to be able to have some goodies, the smile on her face was priceless!  I had several calls on Saturday from ladies that had gotten some goodies and calling to tell me what they had made, or asking questions about a certain gadget, that's great! All is being used, not stored in boxes or crammed in a closet.  All of Becky's cards that were left I gave to her church to send out to members. A sweet reminder.  The items that we had left, Kasity will take and use in their new journey with Christ, and will bless the town of Cisco of teaching classes of art.  God is so good, and I pray that the joy Becky found in card making will spread and be shared with others.
Next thing I cherished in the poem, is the sweet reminder that Becky has arrived!  We will all meet again, she just got there ahead of us. 
Thank you to all who helped, thank you to all who are continuing to share, and most of all thank you God for loving us so much.

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Why Christ is my Passion

The more I seek Christ in my walk, the more I find Him -
Psalm 18:1-2
I love you, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
thank u Jesus